Adult Sunday School

2021 Family Sunday School

For the summer we are taking a break from our normal Sunday School format. All of our age groups, including the adult Sunday School, will be meeting together downstairs. We have a variety of teachers lined up and will be studying characters from the Old Testament. Crafts and activities for the younger kids will also be included. Plan to join us!


June 27     Jeroboam & the Prophet of Judah     1 Samuel 13
July 4     Independence Day, no lesson
July 11     Jonah the Prophet     Jonah 1-4
July 18     Call of Samuel     1 Samuel 3
July 25     King Josiah     2 Kings 22-23
August 1     Shunammite Woman     2 Kings 4
August 8     Jonathan     1 Samuel 20
August 15     Jephthah the Judge     Judges 11
August 22     Ruth     Ruth 1-4
August 29     King Saul     1 Samuel 8-31
September 5     Labor Day, no lesson
September 12   Return to regular Sunday School
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“The Book of Joshua”

The book of Joshua recounts the way God fulfilled his covenant promises to Abraham by giving the land of Canaan to his descendants, the Israelites. The book begins with the Israelites on the plain of Moab, ready to enter the land, and ends with each tribe inhabiting it’s allotted region. In the process, God shows his faithfulness in granting the Israelites the inheritance he had promised.
The links below can be used to access the lessons on YouTube and the handouts.


English Bible
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