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This series will begin Sept 15, 2024.

The book of Judges covers the centuries between the conquest under Joshua and the start of the monarchy under king Saul. The theme of the book is derived from the four-fold repetition of the phrase “in those days there was no king in Israel” (Judg 17:6; 18:1; 19:1; 21:25). A king was anticipated as early as the book of Genesis (49:10), rules for how a king was to act were given in the Mosaic law (Deut 17:14-18), and the people seem to have expected a king (1 Sam 2:10). The one effort of the people to choose their own king ended in disaster (Judg 9:16-18), and the book sets the stage for the king whom God would eventually choose (1 Sam 9:15-17; 1 Sam 10:20-24).
Chronological Chart of the Judges Period 400
Once this series begins, links below can be used to access the lessons on YouTube and the handouts.
This chronological chart covers the major events in the book of Judges. The dates of this period have puzzled generations of Bible scholars, but the scheme worked out by Andrew Steinmann in his article The Mysterious Numbers of the Book of Judges seems to provide a reasonable solution. This chart is adapted from the dates that Steinmann suggests. It assumes the widely accepted date of 970 BC for the beginning of the reign of Solomon, and for the date of the Exodus it uses the numbers found in the Hebrew Bible (1 Kgs 6:1). Click the image for a full-size view of this chart.


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