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Wisdom vs. Godliness

Wisdom vs. Godliness

Although wisdom is always upheld in the Bible as a desirable trait, it does not necessarily keep a person from evil. Consider Solomon. As a young king he was asked by God to name his request, with the implication that God would grant whatever he asked. His request was not for wealth or victory over his enemies, but for understanding and wisdom in judging between good and evil (1 Kings 3:9). God was pleased with this request, and said, “Because you have asked this thing and have not asked for yourself long......

Haman's No Good, Very Bad Day

Haman’s No Good, Very Bad Day

Its amazing what a single day can bring. For Haman, his final day began with a sense of anticipation. He was waiting in the outer court of the palace at the crack of dawn to ask the king for permission to kill Mordecai. His plan was to impale Mordecai on a 75′ pole that he had set up in his front yard, and he was anxious to get quick approval. His first setback came with the king’s command to honor Mordecai by parading him around the city square, dressed in the king’s......