History of the Bible

Bloopers in the Printing of the KJV

Bloopers in the Printing of the KJV

The King James Version (KJV) has been the most influential Bible in the history of English Bibles. First published in 1611, it supplanted the popular Geneva Bible within a decade or two, and became the dominant English Bible for the next three hundred years. As recently as January 2020, it remains one of the best-selling English Bibles, trailing only the New International Version in sales. One of the fun and interesting things about the KJV is the printing errors that inevitably crept into various editions over the centuries. Pages of print were......

Review of "The Pure Word" Translation

Review of “The Pure Word” Translation

This is a critique of a new book that claims to be a ground-breaking “translation” of the New Testament by Brent Miller, Sr. Other reviews of this book have been written, but none that I found gave examples from the actual text, which turn out to be eye-opening. The danger of such a review is that it may bring the book to the attention of those who otherwise would be blissfully ignorant, but hopefully it will serve a larger purpose of warning those who might have come across it in other ways.......