Unveiling Daniel 11, Part 2

For Part 1, covering Daniel 11:1-4, see here.

Daniel 11:5-35 relates to the Greek kingdoms of the period between the Old Testament and New Testament. The main players in this section of Daniel’s prophecy are various “kings of the South,” who were kings of the Ptolemaic kingdom in Egypt, and “kings of the North,” who were kings of the Seleucid kingdom in Syria. The period is fairly well-documented, and the accuracy of Daniel’s prophecy has led many biblical scholars to deny that it is prophecy, arguing instead that it is a mere recitation of history.  Rather than present a blow-by-blow account of this text, we will settle for a commentary on key points and players. The text given below identifies most of the important historical figures and events mentioned by Daniel in this section. The base text is a slightly modified version of the New American Standard. Below this is a timeline that identifies where each verse can be placed historically.

The various verses of this section of Daniel are identified in the graphic below, along with the list of rulers from the time of Alexander the Great to the Roman conquest of the Holy Land.

After verse 35 the text transitions from the Intertestamental Period to events that are still future for us today.

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