Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child

Has been completed

Crossroads Bible Church is a drop-off point for Operation Christmas Child. Items are requested each month to supply shoe boxes for children at Christmas time.

If you like to plan ahead, or just want to be aware of projects coming up, here are items we
will be collecting by month:

JANUARY: noise makers/musical instruments (bells, whistles, kazoos, harmonicas), small
filler items (think party favors, stocking stuffers, kids meal toys).

FEBRUARY: Small stuffed animals and dolls, small trucks and cars, plastic animals. (Think
Valentine’s Day clearance sales – you could check out Easter sales for these as well).

MARCH: Plastic or cardboard shoe-boxes; our goal is 250. Inexpensive boxes can be
purchased directly from the OCC website if you desire.

APRIL: Hair Accessories, combs (wide toothed ones are preferred), toothbrushes, bar
soap, purchased washcloths, hand-made washcloths.

MAY: Wooden pencils, sharpeners, erasers, colored pencils, pencil bags, 12-inch rulers,
crayons. The goal for these varies, see our Bulletin Board for those individual goals.

JUNE: Shipping costs, $9 per box, sewing kit items (thread, needles, tape measure,
scissors, etc.), fishing kit items (hooks, fishing line, weights, small bobbers, etc.) and small
boxes/bags for packing kits into. (If you could pre-package the sewing or fishing kit items
into separate small boxes/bags that would be AWESOME).

JULY: Black/blue/red ink pens, notepads, journals, colored pencils, scissors.

AUGUST: $10 to cover bulk purchase of soccer balls, sport pumps, and extra sport needles
(our goal is 250), or you can purchase your own items to include in a box.

SEPTEMBER: Clothing items (t-shirts, underwear, socks, flip flops, shorts, dresses, etc.)
especially desired for ages 10–14, Girls and Boys, but all sizes 2T to adult small accepted.

OCTOBER: To make our boxes more personal consider writing a letter or card (with your
name and return address), you could also include a picture and they will be added to a box.

NOVEMBER: Shipping costs, $9 per box.

DECEMBER: Check out after-Christmas sales for any of the above items or even consider
skipping the return lines and re-gifting duplicate or “not quite right” gifts.

Note: Items which we currently have generous donations that already cover our yearly goal
have been lined through, however if you find a super bargain we can stock up for next year.
Any bargains you find throughout the year can be donated in ANY Month.

The Operation Christmas Child (OCC) website has a list of items NOT to be included, as well as other suggested items to include.


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