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A Sabbath Day's Journey

A Sabbath Day’s Journey

Acts 1:12 mentions that the distance traveled by the disciples from the place of the Ascension to Jerusalem was about “a Sabbath day’s journey.” How far was this? The setting of Acts 1:12 has the disciples returning to Jerusalem after the Ascension of Jesus. Although Jesus and the disciples had been in or near Bethany (Luke 24:50), which is about a mile and a half east of Jerusalem, the Ascension appears to have taken place somewhere on the Mount of Olives (Acts 1:12). There is no reference to a “Sabbath day’s journey”......

"He appeared to them for forty days"

“He appeared to them for forty days”

According to Acts 1:3, Jesus appeared to various people for a period of “forty days,” beginning at his resurrection. The end of the forty days, by logical deduction, would be marked by his ascension into heaven. To whom did he appear during this time, and when did these events take place? Calendar dates.  The year of the crucifixion can most likely be taken as AD 33. Passover on that year took place in very early April, and the resurrection would have taken place on Sunday, April 5. Jesus appeared to several people......

The "king who knew not Joseph"

The “king who knew not Joseph”

Exodus 1:8 says, “Now a new king arose over Egypt, who did not know Joseph.” Who was that king? The quick answer is that his name was Ahmose. If you’re curious how we know that, keep reading. The first five books of the Bible refer many times to the kings of Egypt, but never by name. They either refer to him as “king” or as “pharaoh.” In fact, no king of Egypt is named in the Hebrew Bible until Shishak (Shoshenq), who attacked Israel a few years after the death of Solomon......