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In the Scriptures we find several groups of men called to be leaders in the Church. In Philippians 1:1 we see both Overseers and Deacons listed together, and the same is found in 1 Timothy 3:1-12. We have other titles given to the leaders in the church, those of Elder and Shepherd. In comparing the work given to Elders and Shepherds, we find they most closely line up with the work ascribed to Overseers. Thus we at Crossroads hold to a leadership style of two groups: Overseers (referred to as Elders) and Deacons.
In scripture, Christ came to serve us, and those he left in charge of his church are called to do the same. So at Crossroads our leadership team, made up of Elders and Deacons along with their wives, will strive with all they have to model this Self Sacrificial Love model of serving those the Lord has left in our charge until he returns.


Dave and Paula McEwen

Dave and Paula McEwen


Dave trusted in Christ as his savior while in high school at a young life camp. Paula believed on April 9, 1973, after attending a Bible study focusing on the book of Romans. It's quite a story, how He drew us to Himself! We are so thankful!

We attended Indian Hills Community Church in Lincoln for 20 years, where Dave had been a Boys Brigade leader and Gary Wissel was one of those young boys in Dave's group! They became good friends for life.

Dave went twice to Ecuador with a support team to help the Wissels, and came back each time so blessed, saying ``Gary is the real deal.`` Dave was so impacted by the ministry goals that Gary had, to teach God's Word, and train men to be leaders in their churches. He was also so blessed by the people's tremendous hunger for God's Word, and the huge desire of they had to be taught.

Gary was called by the elders at Faith to be in charge of missions at Faith, and then led to be pastor at Crossroads. Dave was blessed to come alongside in beginning this wonderful ministry! Paula was blessed so much as well, right from the beginning, with Gary's wonderful teaching, and with Kris's wisdom, honesty, and faithful example.

We were friends with Gary's parents way back in the '70s, and have loved their whole family for so long. Gary and Kris bless us so much. Their hearts are so real and true in their love for God and His Word.

We were at Faith for 12 years, and have been at Crossroads for 14 years now, since the beginning. To God be the glory, for the things He has done!